Welcome to the FULL Edition of the
Wilberforce Virtual Fair

Life has been a little different for all of us over the past year as together we’ve faced many challenges and sacrifices. This struggle has been no different for agricultural fairs across the entire country and we are all rising up to meet this new challenge and planning new ways to bring the agricultural experience to our communities. This year we have some exciting things planned for our community and friends with the launch of the FULL EDITION of our Virtual Fair beginning NOW and wrapping up on August 7th, 2021.

Time is running out for your entries! The Scarecrow Building and Shoreline Colouring contests are over on August 1st. Many other contests are still active until August 7th including Guess the Gumballs, Backyard Scavenger Hunt, Name That Tool, Spot Milky, and Guess the Macro. Don’t forget to watch our educational and entertaining video series “The Magiculturalist” and play the Video Scavenger Hunt!

There are still lots of prizes and cash to be won!!!

Homecraft Competitions a Huge Success!!!

Thank you to all those Exhibitors who entered our Junior & Adult Homecraft Competitions, we had a tremendous response with over 200 entries in dozens of categories. Tune in on August 6th when we will announce the winners. 

Entry Deadline: July 27 at midnight

Hurry... Get Your Homecrafts Ready NOW!

Get your entries ready, there’s a lot of money and prizes waiting for you. Exercise your creative juices in our Junior and Adult Homecraft sections which feature a huge selection of items for you to prepare. Don’t forget to get your Exhibitor # before you begin. Our Colouring and Build a Scarecrow contests will also require your advance entry so get busy and most of all have fun!

Event Entries Ending Soon!... Scarecrow Building entries closing August 1 at midnight Colouring Contest entries closing August 1 at midnight

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