Homecraft "Junior" Competition

Sponsored by ABC Business Ltd.

Welcome to the Homecraft Junior Competition, please ensure you have your Exhibitor # before proceeding further. Our Junior Competition age groups are: Preschoolers; Jr. & Sr. Kindergarten; Grade 1 & 2; Grade 3 & 4; Grade 5 & 6; Grade 7 to 15 years old. Once you have your Exhibitor # please complete the form below and select ONLY those categories in which you are submitting an entry. ***Only one item per category may be entered***

Take a high quality photo of each entry and be sure the file size does not exceed 5 Mb in size. Acceptable file formats are: jpg, gif, png & pdf. If possible, name your image files as follows: 1-John Doe.jpg (1 is the category# followed by your full name and then the file type). If you are unable to rename the file please submit anyway and we will do our best to identify the entry.

***Deadline for entries Tuesday, July 27, 2021 (midnight)***

All exhibits must be new and the work of the exhibitor.
Prizes: 1st - $4, 2nd - $3, 3rd - $2, 4th - $1