What makes the Wilberforce Fair the biggest little fair? Well, it’s true we don’t have a lot of fancy buildings or acres and acres of fairgrounds and thousands of people don’t pour through our gates. But what we lack in physical size, we make up for in community spirit and participation. 

Life has been a little different for all of us over the past year as together we’ve faced many challenges and sacrifices. This struggle has been no different for agricultural fairs across the entire country and we are all rising up to meet this new challenge and planning new ways to bring the agricultural experience to our communities.

Ta...Daaaaah...We're Virtual!!!

For the safety of our community and visitors we are once again postponing our traditional fair format to 2022 but don’t despair, we haven’t let the hay grow under our feet and are pleased to announce our very first, and hopefully very last, “VIRTUAL” Wilberforce Fair.

For your enjoyment and continued agricultural learning we’ve put together a heapin’ helpin’ of fun things to do and great things to view. Feel free to explore our virtual site and play the games, craft the crafts, follow our very own Eric Bedard, the “Magiculturalist” as he unveils the world of agriculture with a magical twist. We have contests, scavenger hunts and our famous Homecraft Competition is now online so roll up your sleeves and get ready to create and maybe even win some money!

There’s so much more waiting for you throughout the site so explore and enjoy! We’d love to hear your feedback so please drop us an e-mail or visit us on our Facebook page.