Backyard Scavenger Hunt

brought to you by...

The ABC Company Ltd.


  • Find 3 kinds of leaves with different shapes
  • Find something Blue
  • Find 2 sticks
  • Find something that is Round
  • Find a Shiny Rock
  • Find a Flat Rock
  • Find a Rock with a hole in it
  • Find a Piece of Bark
  • Find some Danelion Fluff
  • Find a Pine Cone
  • Find a Feather
  • Find something Twisted
  • Find something that looks like a “Y”
  • Find something Hairy
  • Find an Acorn
  • Find something you think is a treasure
  • Find something with a Vein
  • Find something Bumpy
  • Find something White
  • Find a pretty Stone
  • Find something Fuzzy
  • Find something Soft
  • Find something Yellow
  • Find something Green
  • Find something that can be Tied

Here’s a fun way to enjoy the great outdoors, get some fresh air and have some fun at the same time. Who knows, you might just win a little cash at the same time. 

Search your backyard or your neighbourhood and find as many of the list items as you can. The more items you find the better your chances of winning. Don’t forget to practice safe distancing while you’re out and about and be sure to have fun.

Winners will be selected based on the number of items found and shown in the submitted photos so make sure you submit a clear photo showing all of the items you found. 

Simply take a single photograph that clearly shows all of the items you have collected, complete the Scavenger Entry Form and upload your group photo. You may use more than 1 photo if everything won’t fit into a single photograph (maximum of 5 photos).

First Prize $100
Two runner up prizes of $50 each

Winners will be announced at the Wilberforce Virtual Fair Saturday, August 7, 2021. Ties will be broken by a fair draw of names.

One entry per person


DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: Sunday, August 1, 2021​